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Patient Eligibility

The First Step In Receiving Care

Eligibility can only be conducted at the clinic. We can not determine eligibility over the phone. You may walk-in at any time during clinic hours to determine your eligibility.


Must be a resident of Prince William County, Manassas City, or Manassas Park

Documents We Accept:

  • State issued ID with current address

  • Utility bill (includes gas, water, electric, cable, internet, or cellphone)

  • A current lease agreement

  • Official Prince William County documents (Food stamp letters, Prince William County Schools Free Lunch Letters, DMV Vehicle registrations)

  • Letters from shelters (on letterhead and with their representative signature)

  • Letters from official support organizations (such as Lutheran Refugee Services)

  • Bank Statements

Documents We Do Not Accept:

  • Hospital Bills

  • Credit Card Bills


All patients' immediate household income must be 150% of the Federal Poverty Level or below

To check this year's income limits please click here.

Documents We Accept:

  • Pay stubs or pay checks from within the last 30 days

  • Notarized letter of support from within the last 90 days (some banks notarize for free for account holders)

  • Official letter from the employer stating hours and pay rate. (On letterhead or notarized)

  • Official SSI letter or most recent bank statement with SSI deposit of patient and spouse

  • Disability, unemployment, pension letters, etc (in patient or spouse's name)


We only accept uninsured patients. We do not take Medicaid or Medicare

  • If you have medicaid, medicare, or work sponsored insurance, check the back of your insurance card, there will be a link to find providers who can accept you

  • If you have Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) insurance and cannot afford the co-pays but need to be seen please click below to learn about:

Eligibility is done once every six months for all patient at the PWAFC. If a patient's eligibility is incomplete they will not be able to be seen for any clinic services. It is a patient's responsibility to remember to renew their eligibility before it expires.  


Eligibility visits can be conducted at any time during clinic hours. 

Please remember to bring physical copies of your paper work with you when you come for eligibility screening.